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Sophie Haberland, PhD

Executive Partner

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About Sophie

As a very analytically thinking person Sophie was always fascinated with both technology and life sciences. During her science-based Matura she was working as a business analyst for SBB Cargo in Basel. After her Matura her strong interest in life sciences led her to studying interdisciplinary sciences at ETH Zurich which includes biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and informatics. She specialized in physical-organic chemistry and graduated with her PhD in Chemistry from ETH Zürich in 2018.

During her PhD she developed an interest in personnel developement and people management as she enjoyed a lot of teaching responsibilities at the ETH department of chemistry and applied biosciences. Later at Akana she was able to grow these people management skills as an IT consultant and project manager for a large IT Security project in the banking industry.

Today she is a board member of Akana management and as the COO she oversees the Akana recruiting and personnal developement programs. She puts what she has learned as an ETH scientist and lecturer to direct use in Akanas unique mentoring system that provides young talents with everything they need to succeed in their dream consulting career.

Sophie stands for neverending growth and learning that never ceases regardless of age or personal history. She never settles for anything less than the fullfilment of her vision and expects the same from her team members. Working with her requires dedication and stamina but rewards with measurable results and new skills for everyone involved.

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