Michael Fedier

Executive Partner

About Michael

  • Michael joined Akana in 2020
  • He gained his previous experience as an IT project manager at one of the two major Swiss banks with a focus on IT security
  • He holds a federal diploma in business IT

Michael is a very analytical and strategically thinking consultant who focuses on the long-term positive development of the customer. After studying business information systems, he mainly worked in the IT security sector in swiss banking. Through further training, such as the PMP certificate and the CISSP courses, he consolidated his project management and security experience in various projects, mostly with a regulatory background.

Thanks to his practical experience as an engineer at the beginning of his career, he actively works on projects. This not only helps with the implementation, but also with the strategic alignment, the development of a concept and the management of several project teams.

At Akana, he advises customers on digital strategy, helps as a project manager and engineer in the IT security area and successfully manages IT projects.

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Our way of working has been turned upside down by the corona virus. Companies had to offer their employees the opportunity to work from home in the shortest possible time. It was not only a challenge to provide the necessary infrastructure. Not infrequently, the necessary safety precautions were also neglected. Thanks to the home office, productivity can be maintained as much as possible. But the new way of working is susceptible to hackers who want to profit from the current situation.