Lucas Castro, MBA

Senior Consultant

About Lucas

Although he is now an experienced IT professional, Lucas began his career in the hospitality industry. This career background has given him a much better understanding of the mindset essential to providing customers with a user-friendly experience in a multicultural setting. This customer-centric thinking has been an important part of his approach as he has moved within the IT industry from data center operator and IT technician to IT project manager and senior consultant. With a better understanding of customers’ needs and expectations, he can exceptionally understand the nature and requirements of various industries – the core desire for most customers is the same, regardless of industry.

While pursuing various certifications in project management and expanding his knowledge through practical work in the industry, Lucas completed his MBA degree with a specialization in international business. According to him, given how rapidly the IT industry changes and the global mindset required for success in today’s ever-connected world, there is a definite need for professionals who understand both the industry’s technological and business sides.

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