Talents in the Corona Crisis

Innovations arise from crises

The coronavirus is putting the world in a global crisis. It is a tragedy to read daily about the number of people who have succumbed to the coronavirus. Also the fates of small business owners, who are on the verge of ruin without support. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns the world of the biggest challenges since World War II. He goes on to say that a recession could follow, which has no parallels. In doing so, he addresses the dotcom and financial crises in 2008, in which the majority of companies, outside the IT and financial sectors, were spared.

But in crises, innovations emerge. At Akana, we support our customers in order to accompany them through the crisis as much as possible. New, exciting projects are coming up. We take a different path and do not do a “hiring stop” but are currently conducting interviews. Even if with more physical distance and more precautions.

Why we’re still looking for talent in the Corona Crises – Continue interviews

We see the current Corona crisis as an opportunity to drive digitalization forward. The companies’ IT infrastructure has been subjected to a tough test in recent weeks. Be it in the services to customers, as well as the internal connections for home office workplaces. Topics such as the digital transformation of business processes, IT security and working in other locations are becoming more important than ever. Companies will invest more in IT projects in order to survive in the market.

That’s why we are currently looking for innovative talents in the corona crises to support us in the challenges ahead.

Health takes the go- Interviews with precautionary measures

During interviews, we take each candidate’s health seriously and hold interviews as follows

  • Initial phone interview to get to know the candidate
  • A physical, second interview is only conducted if both parties feel healthy and show no signs of fever or cough
  • Our office is regularly disinfected. Hand disinfectants are available in several places.
  • We use large meeting rooms and sit down in the meeting room to keep the distance
  • Candidates are then informed electronically about the decision

These measures should help us to continue to conduct interviews.

Even in times of corona crisis – Akana is ready to find innovative talents and advise our customers on digital transformation. All vacancies at Akana can be found here.

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