25. January 2020

1. Class SBB GA for all Akana employees

Akana stands for active environmental protection and sustainability in the energy supply. SBB is one of the world's most environmentally friendly railways. It is exclusively electric and about 90% of the energy supply is supplied by hydropower. The use relieves the burden on private transport and thus on the pollution of the air.

That's why we encourage our employees to use public transport whenever possible.

In order to create an additional incentive, the management has decided from 1.1.2020 all Akana employees regardless of the position in the company with an SBB General subscription 1. class (subscription général). The general subscription is valid for all Trains of the SBB and the local transport networks such as buses and trams in Switzerland and entitles to a large number of discounts on other railways, ships and other means of transport. Employees can of course also use the GA for private purposes.

Using a GA 1. Class (new as Swisspass) also offers greater comfort than using the car. Travel time can be used to work or relax, stressful traffic jams, parking and buses are eliminated. Akana stands for the mobility of the future.

You can find out more about environmental protection at Akana here.

More on environmental protection at SBB.

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