Strategic IT Outsourcing

Strategic IT outsourcing requires expertise and experience. Our Senior Consultant Lucas Castro explains a few things you have to consider when deciding to do IT outsourcing and also when searching for the right IT outsourcing partner. Strategic IT outsourcing aims at being a cost saving and efficient solution for the organization long term wether we are talking about SMIs, Fortune500 companies or public administration.

The Author

Did you know that there are several ways to reduce your company’s IT costs? IT outsourcing, licence management, the optimisation of the IT architecture as well as the processes, offer the chance to sustainably reduce your IT costs. On average, Akana achieves a cost saving of 30% of the running IT costs. With our several years of experience as holistic IT and management consultants, we know exactly where to start to reduce costs and improve automation.

If you pursue a smart digital strategy, you can benefit from enormous competitive advantages. Digital transformation is much more than the digitization of already established business processes. With far-sighted implementation, companies gain market share through the optimal use of resources and customer relationships as well as through considered scaling strategies. At the same time, digital products can capture new market shares. Akana helps companies understand the impact of new technologies on their own business and network of customers, suppliers, and partners to create the best possible value.



Our Head of Recruitung Dr. Sophie Haberland gives tips on applications for IT consulting positions. She talks about cover letters, interviews and case questions. The aim is to help you make the best of your IT consulting application and help you become an IT consultant at your dream company. Also it should give you a better feeling of the recruiter perspective when applying for a consulting position.


Our IT security expert Michael Fedier talks about the 7 steps to take your IT security to the next level and how we do IT security consulting at Akana.

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