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The corona pandemic has digitized our everyday life. In response to the pandemic and to shape their digital future, companies are increasingly using the advantages of cloud infrastructures such as Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba, IBM or Oracle. But what is a “cloud”? What are the advantages for companies? And what do companies have to consider in the area of security and data protection? An analysis.

Element, WhatsApp, Threema, Signal, Telegram, Vibr, Wickr Me and Wire are not rock bands or fashion labels, they are instant messengers that enable the immediate exchange of text, video or voice messages with one or more recipients over the Internet. Thanks to smartphones, these messengers became extremely popular in a private as well as business context, since they allow data sharing in no time. The announcement of WhatsApp at the beginning of this year that the terms of use will be updated, moved data protection and the security of messengers to the fore. But what does this mean for WhatsApp users? How secure are messengers in general? And how are the messages securely stored and transmitted? This article compares four popular messengers – WhatsApp, Threema, Signal, and Telegram – to answer these questions.[1]-[3]


Strategic IT outsourcing requires expertise and experience. Our Senior Consultant Lucas Castro explains a few things you have to consider when deciding to do IT outsourcing and also when searching for the right IT outsourcing partner. Strategic IT outsourcing aims at being a cost saving and efficient solution for the organization long term wether we are talking about SMIs, Fortune500 companies or public administration.

There are various reasons why projects fail. It could simply be the result of insufficient project requirements, high complexity, unrealistic project expectations, even poor leadership, among many others. What many Project Managers (PM) underestimate is the social factor in project management—an inherent risk to any project.

Identity and access management (IAM) is the discipline to enable the right individuals to access the right IT resources, such as systems applications, files, and networks, at the right time for the right reasons. This often needs to be enabled across diverse technologies and the resulting processes must meet the security policies of the organization. The IAM system is a critical part of IT infrastructure of any larger organization.

We are looking for a Kubernetes/Cloudfoundry engineer to strengthen our IT security team.


Our IT security expert Michael Fedier talks about the 7 steps to take your IT security to the next level and how we do IT security consulting at Akana.

The comparison with projects in other industries shows that IT projects are increasingly failing and are being cancelled. Or they end, but are over deadline or budget. According to an international study by the Standish Group, representatives of large companies in DACH, UK and North America stated that 84% of the projects would not be completed or fail in line with deadlines or budgets.

The ever-increasing amount of data is becoming a major challenge for our companies. The variety of data ranges from employee and customer information to complex scientific data—data that impacts decisions and strategic business movements.

SCRUM has been made an everyday term by Jeff Sutherland and you are often confronted with it. Certain elements from SCRUM, such as the Kanban Board and the daily standup meetings, were very well received – even outside of IT.