Why unsolicited application?

Unsolicited applications have enormous advantages, especially if you are in an unannounced position and have no time pressure. With an unsolicited application, you will be included in the Talent Pool and as soon as a new position is created, we first look at our Talent Pool before the position is officially advertised on the Internet

Dr. Sophie Haberland


If you apply for an unsolicited application, apply for a position that has not yet been advertised. Once you have successfully completed the application process, you will be included in the Talent Pool. Once a new position has been created, we will first see if suitable talents are already available in the talent pool before the position is officially advertised.

As soon as we open a position and you are already accepted into the talent pool, we will contact you immediately and make you a concrete offer. In compliance with your notice period, it can sometimes happen very quickly.

Unsolicited applications are especially useful if you are still in a re-announced position and you do not have time pressure.

In general, all roles at Akana can be filled from the Talent Pool. These are both consultant roles that are used by customers, but also internal roles in administration. An overview of areas and roles can be found here.

Well over half of all positions are filled via the Talent Pool, which means that these positions are not advertised at all. increasing trend.

We rate unsolicited applications very highly, as an unsolicited application signals pro active behaviour. This is a very important criterion for us.

This can be very different and depends on many factors. As a rule, it can take several weeks or months. However, it also happens that applicants from the Talent Pool receive a concrete offer within a few days.

Necessarily. Under today’s very dynamic conditions, you definitely have an advantage over your competitors. Even if you have rejected several offers from us, you will stay in the talent pool.

In general, your evaluation data will be treated as highly confidential. We do not disclose your data within the company or certainly outside of our company. In the event of a rejection, your application data will be deleted immediately. If you place it in our Talent Pool, you agree that we may retain your data in compliance with the law.