our culture


Equal Rights

We take gender equality so naturally that we normally don’t even talk about it. We generally have the same work, payment, same career opportunities.

Young families

Young families need special support. Part-time work, home office and flextime are part of our culture.


Career with 50+

At 50+, your career doesn’t have to stall. We value the experience, serenity and social maturity of very experienced employees. As a senior, you act as a mentor and mainly support our consultants on site.

Environmental protection and sustainability

Akana stands for active environmental protection and sustainability in energy supply. As an Akana employee, traveling regularly is part of everyday work. The use of public transport is an important contribution to preserving the environment.

Work Life Balance

We support our employees through various measures to keep their work-life balance in balance. Flextime, part-time work, home office, sabbatical, workload monitoring and free drinks are just a few things. 
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