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About Us

We are a rapidly growing Swiss IT consulting company with a universal focus on various industries and IT services. Despite 15 years of experience and above-average growth, we have retained our agile mentality and enjoyment at work. We offer unusual career opportunities, early responsibility, getting to know interesting people in the company and with our customers, various industries and companies from Fortune 100 to medium-sized SMEs. We stand for equality, maintaining the work-life balance, environmental protection and opportunities for career changers.


  • At least 5 years of experience in software development / software architect in the field of Java applications in the enterprise environment with Spring / Java EE
  • Several years of practical experience in the development and documentation of system architectures with the common documentation tools UML, ERD, arc42 (or similar)
  • Worked for more than 5 years in the conception, creation and integration of service-oriented architectures with the technologies WS SOAP, WS REST or messaging
  • Within the software development processes, you feel safe with Buildpiplines CI / CD (e.g. Jenkins) and source repositories (e.g. GIT)
  • Great know-how in the area of ​​relational databases (Oracle or PostgreSQL) with regard to modeling (ERD), SQL (DDL and DML) and SQL tuning
  • Experience with networks in terms of the application and use of protocols and familiar with the virtualization of servers or PaaS cloud technologies (Docker / Kubernetes) and messaging systems (Kafka)
  • You have already worked as a technical coordinator in a complex project environment (supplier / service provider) and have good communication skills and assertiveness in dealing with various stakeholders
  • You have a degree in computer science or business informatics or an equivalent diploma from a foreign institution
  • Your strengths lie in the independent, solution-oriented, exact and reliable way of working.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in German and at least B1 in French


 The Position  

  • Elaboration and further development of the integration architecture
  • Supporting customers in setting up the infrastructure
  • Demanding non-functional requirements (including coordination and clarification with current architecture)
  • Support of the project management in the technical coordination with the suppliers
  • Collaboration on other HERMES delivery results such as migration and integration concept, as well as interface documentation and deployment overview
  • Responsibility for level-appropriate communication
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