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Wussten Sie, dass es etliche Möglichkeiten gibt die IT-Kosten Ihres Unternehmens zu senken? IT Outsourcing, Lizenzmanagement, die Optimierung der IT-Architektur sowie der Prozesse bietet die Chance, Ihre IT Kosten nachhaltig zu senken. Im Durchschnitt erziehlt Akana eine Kostenersparnis von 30% der laufenden IT-Kosten.  


How WhatsApp, Threema, Signal and Telegram differ in terms of data protection and security – an analysis

Element, WhatsApp, Threema, Signal, Telegram, Vibr, Wickr Me and Wire are not rock bands or fashion labels, they are instant messengers that enable the immediate exchange of text, video or voice messages with one or more recipients over the Internet. Thanks to smartphones, these messengers became extremely popular in a private as well as business context, since they allow data sharing in no time. The announcement of WhatsApp at the beginning of this year that the terms of use will be updated, moved data protection and the security of messengers to the fore. But what does this mean for WhatsApp users? How secure are messengers in general? And how are the messages securely stored and transmitted? This article compares four popular messengers – WhatsApp, Threema, Signal, and Telegram – to answer these questions.[1]-[3]


Increasing Project Success Rate Through Good Change Management Practices

There are various reasons why projects fail. It could simply be the result of insufficient project requirements, high complexity, unrealistic project expectations, even poor leadership, among many others. What many Project Managers (PM) underestimate is the social factor in project management—an inherent risk to any project.

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We are a consulting firm specialized in IT consulting with a universal focus on various industries and IT services. Despite 15 years of experience and above-average growth, we have retained our agile mentality and fun at work. We offer unusual career opportunities, early responsibility, interesting people in the company and with our customers, to get to know various industries and companies from the Fortune 100 to medium-sized SMEs. We stand for equality, maintaining work-life balance, environmental protection and entry opportunities for career changers.

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